The Little Black Book

By: Alea J., Curl News Correspondent

As soon as your boo starts acting up, you make sure you still know where that "Little Black Book" is! In current times we consult our handy dandy love devices aka your cell phone ( which often gets more love than our relationships ) to scroll pass Marcus disguised by Maria :) and Shawn assigned to Shantell. Although this may not be ideal behavior we're only human and things happen. We all have our vices and there is always a backup! We backup our photos,  contacts, calenders.  Everything!  Often the things we backup keep us efficient and progressive.

For the faithful HBN Curl News readers, you may notice that education is often the root of the information we publish. Topics congruent with the forward thinking and progressive ideas that are natural hair. We introduced a few great writers on Mother's Day in our special features. We are happy to add Tameeka-McNeil Johnson aka #thecurlwhisperer to the list of authors for newest release titled, 'Little Black Book of Rules for Curly Girls'! Yes! Of course we need this. Our hair can camouflage in the ways we feel sometimes.  Just like we turn to our most trusted and valued for backup, this new book will be there for you and your curls. Bonus!

Tameka is on tour and you can meet her in several upcoming cities! The "Tameeka on Tour" list of cities is located on her website at as well as pre-order, booking contact information and an extensive list of heavenly salon services.  Tameeka has the rules for all naturals.  Who could resist the rules to these often mischievous textures? Get your copy amd meet Tameeka in your city! -- @jadedtresses

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