The Indique Hair and Miss Jessie’s Duo

Indique Hair and Miss Jessie’s have teamed up to bring you quality products for quality hair.

Their newest project “It’s Natural” uses the best of Miss Jessie’s extensive line to complement their textured hair extensions in the best way possible. Indique has a plethora of curl patterns from wavy to afro textures which pairs perfectly with transitioning naturals and the 100% natural divas that prefer a protective style while staying true to her roots.

Indique encourages everyone to watch their videos of their newest hair collection paired with Miss Jessie’s! Pillow Soft Curls, Multi-cultural curls and Jelly soft curls are just a few of the products that pair well with Indique hair. The products that you know and love can be used on your  extensions and your natural hair!

A company rooted in the best products should accompany the best hair! Indique’s “It’s Natural” collection offers extension up to 22” and also offers a virgin hair extension line for the naturalistas taking advantage of the new reversible straighten system.

Head to to watch a demonstration of their new extensions collection. California naturals are in luck! Indique offers an upscale hair Boutique in LA, which is their most recent Grand Opening location. You can visit Indique Boutiques in Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massechusets, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas (home of HoneyBeNatural) and South Africa!

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