Glitter and Gold

By: Alea J., Curl News Correspondent

What naturalista doesn’t want absolutely Stellar Strands? My personal regime calls for a deep conditioning every week. Topical products and topical care are not a good recipe for the healthiest hair. Deep, follicle treating care is the best way to achieve your hair goals with longevity and sustainability. Kinky Curly’ s newest addition to their amazing product line including “Knot-Today”, a detangler and “Tiny Twirls” a popular children condition is “Stellar Strands”. Kinky Curly says, it’s the ultimate hydrating deep treatment!”

Stellar Strands is enriched with Argan Oil & Macadamia Oil and can be used for only 15 with heat and 30 minutes without! Incorporating this product into your regimen is said to provide you with elasticity, and rejuvenate dry brittle strands.

Stellar Strands can be purchased at and in beauty isles and department stores around the country. A healthier, more beautiful head of hair is available in an 8 oz. jar for only $13.00. Deep conditioning should not be sacrificed due to time or any other concerns. This is a vital part of the hair growth process and healthy hair growth begins on the inside. Give your strands the best treatment possible with Kinky Curly. Check out their full product list at!

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