Charming Charlize

By: Alea J., Curl News Correspondent

Catch these curly cuties on the brink of worldwide recognition! These four natural beauties are breaking records in business, the arts and entertainment fields all before they graduate high school!  Keep your eyes on these 4 young naturals who are perched to change our world. Charlize Glass, Maya Penn, and twins Nia and Imani Lindsay are making unstoppable moves and representing team natural in the process. Here are a few things you may have known about these young celebrity naturals and some amazing highlights and updates!

Maya Penn is a 14 year old powerhouse! Her accomplishments are endless as she has been featured on Time Magazine for kids, Forbes, Steve Harvey, Essence, CNN, HLN and NPR to name a few.  Maya is an environmental activist, philanthropist, writer, illustrator, animator designer and CEO of her very own company. Talk about driven! Maya was the 2013 winner of Black Enterprise’ Teenprenuer Award! Maya is a contributing writer and owner of Maya’s Ideas where she designs and develops eco-friendly environmentally sustainable accessories that are fashionable and earth friendly!

Charlize Glass and twins Imani and Nia are changing the face of the professional dancer. Charlize Glass who started dancing at the age of two, has been featured on Good Morning America and is a America’s Best Dance Crew contestant with her dance group “8 Flavahs” Charlize has gained the attention of Beyonce for her dancing and appeared in Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” video!  Charlize has also been on America’s Got Talent, Maury’s Mini Idol show and   , The Ellen Show. Also among her list of celebrity dance opportunities have been Ciara, Far East Movement and Mindless Behavior.

Nia and Imani are 10 year old twin dancers and forces to be reckoned with! These tiny dancers pack a lot of punch! They’re impeccable technique and rock solid strength have afforded them several awards and a few that any serious dancer dreams about. The Lindsay twins were recently offered a scholarship to American Ballet Theater. One of the most prestigious and well known dance companies in the history of the performing arts. Their dreams are to be the fiercest Triple Threat Twins in the industry. These lovely naturals are Canadian natives and are raised by a single mother and former dancer and dance teacher.  

Apparently their curls are as bountiful as their many talents and accomplishments. These young ladies are showing that age ain’t nothing but a number and your dreams are valid. There is so much that we can learn from these future leaders. Check out these ladies and their extensive accomplishments at, and!

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