The Bestest

By: Alea J., Curl News Correspondent

How many conditioners are on the market these days? Thousands? Maybe more! So many options to try and not enough time or funds to try everything you see in the stores. has made it a little bit easier to choose products that are great for you tresses at an affordable price!

Miss Jessie’s leave in condish is described as the best conditioner around and sells for only $11 and you can find the leave in condish at, Amazon, Target and of course! Miss Jessie’s says this product is the “best darn leave in conditioner, period!”  Don’t count your tresses out. This leave in condish is for every naturalista. Miss Jessie’s says, “ this product is great for wavy, curly, tight curly, and transitioning hair.” Incorporating the LOC method has put an empty feeling in pockets and bottles all over the world. Why not keep a great leave in-conditioner on hands and on HAIR? Try the leave in- condish today!

I'sha GainesComment