Yolanda Takes New York!

Written by Natural Partners in Crime

On April 5, 2014 Yolanda Renee, @etcblogmag, held her first official meet & greet, Yolanda Renee Takes New York. It was held at EVR Lounge in New York City. There were over 100 guests that came out to meet Yolanda Renee. Guests had the opportunity to pick her brain about her natural hair care regimen, branding secrets, and more.
    Yolanda Renee Takes New York was brought to you by Eden Body Works and Carol's Daughter. Other sponsors include Entwine Couture, Shea Moisture, Kinky-Curly Product, Wonder Curl, Private Stock Hair, Alikay Naturals, Sewl Customs, Cloveé Products, Et Cetera Boutique, and M3ssy Varnish. Each sponsor showed so much love and support for Yolanda Renee's first event by providing several full size products for the swag bags of the attendees.
Guests arrived at EVR and formed a line to get into the event. There was not a long wait because the Curl Crew had everything under control. The Curl Crew all rocked Frosace Tees, bamboo earrings, and chunky gold chains from Et Cetera Boutique. They all were hard working, organized, and most importantly so personable and lots of fun! They worked hard but definitely played harder! Upon check in each guest received their amazing swag bags. Each bag was filled with full sized products from the sponsors! The bag was pretty hefty and everyone was so amazed at what they received. Carol's Daughter even provided Lisa's Hair Elixir shampoo and conditioner, two products that did not hit the store shelves in Target until April 14th.
    The next stop was the step and repeat which was filled with the logos of Eden Body Works, Carol's Daughter, Et Cetera, and Natural Partners in Crime. This is where Yolanda Renee spent most of the beginning of the event. She was able to greet and talk with each attendee on such a personal level. Candid and step 'n repeat shots were taken by the photographer Nicole Mondestin.
    The attendees were able to shop Et Cetera Boutique throughout the event which was being handled by Yolanda Renee's beau Devon Beck, a hip hop artist from Maryland. He stepped right in without instruction and made tons of sales of natural hair inspired tees, jewelry, and Yolanda Renee's coloring book, CURLIES COLOR TOO (which is available on Amazon.com)!  
    Throughout the event Sabrina of Natural Partners in Crime rocked the mic and kept everyone entertained with jokes, and introduced several giveaways. There were so many contests and giveaways, no one could keep up!  Yolanda Renee also gave a brief introduction and opened the floor for Q&A! She also stressed the fact that the natural hair community is so accepting of what she has to offer. The natural hair community is like a sisterhood and they are here to make each and every sister successful! You just have to step out on faith and never give up.
    Everyone had a blast meeting new people, networking, having a few drinks, finger foods, listening to music, and just sharing lots of smiles and laughs! The event was definitely a success, so if you think this event was amazing just wait for the next stop on the official tour of YOLANDA RENEE TAKES YOUR CITY!



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