Mommie Feature: Ayanna Davis!

By Alea J., Curl News Correspondent 


Ms. Ayanna Davis is a young, multi-talented female entrepreneur whose Art, Fashion and Choreography are taking the nation by storm. Ms. Davis' talent first manifested itself as a child prodigy illustrator and painter. Before age 10 Ayanna could already draw original characters, portraits and objects with either hand. She was featured in several art shows as a child and began building a loyal customer base for her original works. Ayanna is also an exceptional poet, who-also- as a child was invited to perform for BET's Def Poetry Slam after a producer read some of her poems. Ms. Davis is the author of 12 Monthswith Ayanna's Kids, also a Children's Calendar and a coloring book, both featuring her positive original characters. Davis is a phenomenal illustrator of hundreds of photos directly depicting everyday curly kids and inspiring the fashion industry simultaneously! One of her most recent accomplishments is a 22-page coloring book entitled “Color Ayanna’s Kid’s” a representation of textured hair and fashion in kids! Davis has made an incredible mark on the literary world by teaming up with Julia R. Davis to write and illustrate the book “I have Cancer and I love me.” Purchase your copy at!

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