BANS that make her dance?

By: Alea J., Curl News Correspondent

Atlanta, Sgt. Jasmine Jacobs, petitioned the White House, earlier this week to investigate the nature of the new regulations put into place last Monday that inhibit most of the hairstyles that are kept by African American women in the military. New appearance standards, prohibit the use of most twists, dreadlocks and large cornrows. Styles that we all know are protective, and convenient are banned from being worn. The servants of the military have a specific deadline to correct the hair according to the new regulations, cut their hair or wear a wig. Is this racism or is the military’s main interest in the protection of its solders? Are twists and multiple braids truly inhibiting the job that these women are able to successfully complete?

"Army Sgt. Maj. Raymond F. Chandler III  says, "The Army is a profession, and one of the ways our leaders and the American public measure our professionalism is by our appearance," on the Army's website. The petition has already received over 11,000 people asking President Barack Obama, the commander in chief, to have the military review the regulations to allow for time and preparation  "neat and maintained natural hairstyles."

While black women make up a third of the military and nobody understands the woes of a natural head of hair like a kinky girl, the military is a uniformed service of the United States Government and regulations such as these are standard. In addition to the hair changes, tattoos , mohawks, side burn and Bluetooth earpiece devices are also banned. HoneyBeNatural Magazine stands in support of naturalistas in any forum. The petition has not yet reached the amount of numbers needed for investigation and revision but HoneyBeNatural will be bringing you the Curl News on the results of the petition.

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Images are from the Washington Post

Images are from the Washington Post

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