Obia Naturals Men's Line: HIS

By: Alea., Curl News Correspondent

For all of the natural divas out there looking for the best pick up line to throw at Luke James, start with this. “Luke, baby-Obia natural hair care has products for men now!” But just know that I’ve already sent him a bottle of their best! We're playing, but we do think he'd enjoy! -- Hey, all is fair in love and natural hair!

Obia Ewah, chemist and formulator of Obia Natural hair has extended her products life for the natural men in our lives. OBIA’S Natural Hair Care’s mission is to produce pH balanced, herbal-based, nontoxic hair care products for natural hair. The “His” product line items are made with as much care and personal attention to the Ph balance and use of natural ingredients as all of the fabulous and eco-friendly products in the Obia collections. The line contains a His Shampoo Bar, Moisture Cream, Hydration Spray and Curl Custard. The Obia Mens , “His” product line  is available at and all for under $20 each.

Are you new to Obia Natural Hair Care and want an opportunity to have naturally fed, healthy hair from the inside out?  Try the Curl Enhancing Custard, Curl Moisture Cream, and the Curl Hydration Spray! In each Trial Pack there is 2oz of the Curl Enhancing Custard, 1oz of the Curl Moisture Cream, and 2oz of the Curl Hydration Spray. You can receive the entire trial pack of some of Obia’s most popular products for only $10.

Well Honeybees, Luke is off the market however the natural man of your dreams can match your fly hair with Obia’s “His” line. When health is most important to you and your personal journey, you have to use the most healthiest products that benefit you! A science based product like Obia delivers results!

I'sha GainesComment