3 Independent Natural Brands to Sample for under $30

By Alea J., Curl News Correspondent

Hair product companies are popping up left and right all over the country. Brands such as Miss Jessies and mixed Chicks may be selling out in stores but independent brands are holding their own in this natural hair game and often have better feedback and a more quality product than the brands that you hear so much about or see more often. Don’t discredit these brands. They are taking entrepreneurship by the reigns and boosting our eagerness to try homemade products. Naturals who pride themselves on knowing and trying every product on the market. Yes the product junkies, often include one or more independent product lines in their regimen. Here are a few of the up and coming independent product lines that are taking the natural hair care industry by storm.

Soultanicals: Cultivated by Ayo Ogun McCants, with a full-on natural lifestyle in mind, Soultanicals offers products for hair, bath& body and children. Soultanicals offers hot new designs and packaging for their uniquely named products that all natural and focus on the over health of your body. For an independent line Soultanicals has one of the largest product elections and offer several methods of retaining health hair. Exclusive to Soultanicals is also the “Napp’etizers Hair Sample Pack. The best way to explore Soultanicals products all for one low price of $25 dollars you’ll receive a kit containing 5 of Soultanicals bet products that are available for purchase at Soultanicals.com

Anu Naturals: Anu Naturals is brand new to the natural hair care industry but has been mixtresses of healthy products for a while. Anu Naturals has one of the best hair care products and a top notch LOC method set, complete with a botanical mixture, carrot oil blend and cream based moisturizing sealer for added protection. Anu Naturals focuses on harmonious balance between protein and moisture and the need for manageability to prevent breakage. They’re moisturizing kits are the most simplified and healthy options for any naturalista. An entire full size kit is available at AnuNaturals.com for just $27 dollars.

Luxe Oil: Like so many other natural hair care brands, they often have a line for body care. Shea Moisture and the before mentioned Soultanicals for example. Luxe Oil specializes in the overall care of your skin. They’re products are a spin on the boring products offered to Eczema sufferers.  Their uniquely scented oil blends, come in several fragrances and include unique and exotic oils that many naturals have taken to for the healthy properties. The Luxe Oil can be purchased at luxeoil.addictedtoallthingspretty.com for only 7.50! A great, healthy product that’s beneficial by using it as a hair oil to seal moisture, cuticle oil, and face moisturizer.


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