10 Years; The Miracle Worker

The doctor is in curls! Dr. Miracle’s Celebrates A Decade of Beauty and they’ve deemed 2014 The Year of Authentic Beauty! The Dr. Miracles brand is one of the most exclusive product lines dedicated to the health of your strands from the inside out! Being natural for so many people has turned into a complete lifestyle change! Selecting healthier products and reading ingredients is just beginning. Proper nourishment on the inside reflects your capabilities on the outside. The Dr. Miracle’s product line has always focused on a medical approach to the creation of our favorite products! All of their products are infused with vitamins, oils and nutrients to ensure protection from root to tip!

Dr.Miracles says, “We believe that every woman deserves healthy beautiful hair. “ Not only do they believe that we all deserve to achieve our hair goal dreams, but they prove it with a FREE diagnostic system at DRMiracles.com! Their new analysis tool gives you an in depth diagnosis for natural, braided, color treated, chemically straightened and weaved hair types and styles. They truly want to know how you feel about your hair and delve into the inner joys or woes that natural hair may bring. The Analysis Tool also gives tips based on the battle between your hair and your workout!

HoneyBeNatural has gotten their prescription to better, bolder hair! Try the analysis tool with us at drmiracles.com!  The doctor approves a journey to healthy hair from the inside out and after 10 years, Dr. Miracles is creating new products and serving more and more people every day! Congratulations on 10 years Dr.Miracles, from HoneyBeNatural Magazine! We’re anxious to see what the next 10 years will unveil for natural hair!

I'sha GainesComment