Praying for the 235 Abducted...

By: Alea J., Curl News Correspondent

Protesters March through the capital of Nigeria. [Abuja] to represent the demand for the release of 230 young girls abducted almost 2 weeks ago in Chibok, Borno state.

The Islamic military group Boko Harem is accused of being the center of the plot and execution of the mass abduction. The leader of the terrorists group has not responded to accusations. Boko Harem has been responsible for some of the country's most horrific attacks and senseless, violent murders.

"Western education is forbidden" or Boko Harem has been the initiators of a rash of violent crimes resulting in a death toll of over 1,500 in one local area. Their motives? Well they make it clear in the name of their militant group rooted in evil and hate. Education. Their aim is to deny women, young women the right to receive a standardized, western education. 

Nigerian Interior Minister Abba Moro told BBC "It [the government] had to act in a "discreet" way because the militants had threatened to kill the girls if "certain steps" were taken".

At this time it is a possibility that these young women, between the ages of 16 and 18 are married, in other neighboring countries or worse. They are the equivalent of a senior in high school.

Apart of our passion for sharing the news, requires us to share events such as these that are not as  heartwarming as some. It's hard to know your ancestors and families are living in places that have to endure such devastating occurrences. I can't help but feel connected and terribly saddened by the unknowing terror and sorrow that our sisters are facing. Let's do our parts to stand in support of the release of the girls and we will follow the story as it continues to develop.


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