Describe Your Fro

By: Alea J., Contributor and Curl News Correspondent

HoneyBeNatural brings fashion to your fingertips in our HBN Fashion News Blogs! Recent fashion faces that we’ve featured range from Talk Show host and veteran actress Queen Latifah and author/activist Maya Angelou to indie designers making a fresh start in the fashion game. Natural Hair is love here at HBN and fashion has a way of accompanying naturals in a totally innovative way! Words that the natural community have created and embraced- “Big Chop” and “Big Hair” for example are milestones that we achieve by loving our strands and these descriptions our fabulous fro’s inspire our fashion choices!

NaturalChicksRock a Carolina based natural hair company owned by ‘The Carolina Curly Chic’, understands that fashion and natural hair parallel! We’ve revolutionized styles, graced the covers of the world’s top leading magazines, designs houses like Givenchy crave our artistic looks that are TRULY natural and we’re on the top of our game!

Celebrating our journey should accompany a hot new accessory! Without a completed look, that amazing outfit you love so much, just isn’t the same and that’s No Lye! The Carolina Curly Chic -designer of NaturalChicksRock: an online naturally inspired boutique featuring our favorite milestones and slogans presents a unique jewelry line to accessorize with our curls. NaturalChicksRock’s current line has designs custom made for music lovers, sports fanatics and even “Super Natural” ladies that aim to stand out in a crowd! An affordable, unique line of earrings..what’s not to love? HoneyBees, check out to view the line! Custom designs are available, for the diva who craves fashion independence. You can make a NaturalChicksRock piece apart of your collection for as low as $4.00! Don’t get lost in the crowd. Show off your big hair and get huge stares in a new pair of “Good Hair” custom earrings!

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”

― Orson Welles

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