Selfies in New York

Alea J., Contributing Writer and Curl News Correspondent

Followers of natural hair bloggers and vloggers have seen this rising star single handedly work her way to the top! Building her own brand Etcetera, opening an online boutique and she’s now added author to the list by publishing a coloring book and children’s hairstyle influencer called “Curlies Color Too”! That’s right, it’s Yolonda Renee and in addition to her many accomplishments she’s teamed up with Natural Partners in Crime to bring her first Meet& Greet to New York City naturals! Yolonda Renee is a social media sensation and some would say, “Queen of the Selfie”. Renee designs all of her projects herself as she is also a graphic designer and her edgy style is a great part of what we all love about Renee.

Yolanda Renee TAKES NEW YORK is a Meet & Greet in the big apple-NYC and will be hosted by Natural Partners in Crime –another group of natural supporters that spread knowledge and education of our natural tresses. Renee boasts that the SWAG bags will be on point! You know all naturals love a good swag bag! Cracking open one of these is sure to bring about a happy dance or two! Products, coupons, Etcetera apparel items and tons of resources are sure to accompany the bag. NYC you’re in for a treat! In addition to meeting Ms. Renee herself, her event will provide resources and sponsorships from many popular companies such as Eden Body Works, Shea Moisture, Alikay Naturals and many more! You won’t want to miss this event! Visit for details on ticket purchasing. Yolanda TAKES NEW YORK on April 5th 2014 at EVR Gastro Lounge, NY.

Events like these are a large part of what makes the natural hair community so strong and rapidly growing. Not only will naturals have the opportunity to celebrate their hair in a fabulous NYC but you will meet a humbling, loving natural and attain resources for caring for your hair with the top products on the market!  Best of luck on your first event Yolanda!

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