The Hair That Eve Grew

By: Alea J., Contributing Writer/Curl News Correspondent

What If I told you that there was a product that has proven straightening power for your curls? Would you return to rocking the relaxed look now that you’ve fallen in love with the bountiful bliss that is your hair? The new product, Straight from Eden by Crème of Nature puts that question to the test as they’ve cultivated a product line to do just that! Compared to traditional relaxers, Straight from Eden is offering an all plant based relaxer. Will you return to the creamy crack using a reputable brand and no chemicals? The entire Straight from Eden line will include a Hydrating Shampoo, Conditioning Treatment, Detangling Leave-in Conditioner, and a relaxer system! In addition to those items Crème of Nature has also made available an oil elixir and conditioning treatment! The cost of the products are under 15 bucks each and several pieces of the new line are as low as $9.99.

Crème of Nature says “what you are about to see will change the way women straighten their hair forever”

The Straight from Eden product line also called the “Genesis of hair straightening” is the first ever 100% plant-derived* straightening crème. The products also include olive oil, avocado and natural coconut- a naturalistas go to for all things “healthy hair” related! Straight from Eden relaxer systems are seemingly healthier for your tresses. Crème of Nature has created a relaxer system that won’t dry, break or thin your hair by replacing known harmful ingredients such as Lye, mineral oil, petroleum, propylene glycol, parabeans, sulfates or formaldehyde with comparably healthier ingredients. These ingredients are poor for hair in any state. Chemically treated or natural! There are two different systems. Type A –for fine, thin hair and Type B- for coarse, thicker hair. Crème of Nature has lots of knowingly wonderful products and this new innovative way to get the sleek look that you may want without the damage is surely a step toward more versatility for your tresses, more options for the modern day naturalista and healthier options for women-all around.

But wait – what does this mean for natural hair?

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