A Better Way to Beautiful

By Alea Jay

Shea Moisture has added yet another outstanding line to make us feel even more fabulous! As if that’s possible? We’re natural! Shea Moisture has pushed the envelope and created “A Better Way to Beautiful.” Shea Moisture has perfect timing! Women everywhere are launching careers as make up artists, and you can’t scroll through an Instagram feed without catching the #beatfacefriday posts! Make up is what’s HOT, and Shea Moisture has created yet another way to be unstoppable! The line launched exclusively in Target stores this spring! Staying true to their passion for healthy products, the make up is paraben-free, certified ORGANIC, and shea butter based. You can’t tell a natural chick anything about her shea butter! The makeup palettes are customizable and contain mineral blush, lip gloss, and lipsticks. The line suits all skin tones!

What better brand to trust with your face than Shea Moisture? It’s all about quality and reputation, and Shea Moisture has acquired an abundance of both. Caring for yourself in totality is just one more thing that makes the lifestyles we’ve chosen so beneficial. The best products are the ones personally created with YOU in mind! Organic makeup for your skin care needs and concerns that offer beautiful and colorful results! What could be better?  Shea Moisture says, “The best in personal care and beauty should not belong to the few. Our accessibility comes compromise-free (via sheamoisture.com).” Shea Moisture is for the entire family. And with you in mind, “A Better Way to Beautiful” is in reach! 

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