These 5 Things: Sasheer Zamata

By Alea Jay, Contributing Writer and Curl News Correspondent

In January 2014, Sasheer Zamata joined the cast of NBC's Saturday Night Live during its 39th season on the air. Comedians and television analysts made remarks about the hit television show and exclaimed that the show lacks diversity when it comes to ethnicity.  In the life span of 40 years of SNL being on air, only 5 black women have appeared on the show as regular cast members. Since Maya Rudolph’s mid-season exit from SNL, there have been no other black women cast until Zamata. As the majority of television shows have demonstrated in the past, a familiar face often gets the role on a television show, especially when it’s a comedy show with a long- standing legacy. Well, this time SNL found a comedian that may be new to NBC but is a comedic genius!

Here are 5 things you may not know about Sasheer Zamata!

1)   Zamata co-starred in the ABC News hidden camera series Primetime: Would You Fall For That?

2)   She stars in the web series Pursuit of Sexiness.

3)   A few of Zamata’s best impersonations are our first lady Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Tyra Banks, and Beyoncé. You can view all of these videos on her YouTube channel, and we all love a good Yoncé impression, don’t we?

4)   She played an SNL role as Olivia Pope from Scandal and nailed it!

5)   HoneyBeNatural!

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Be sure to watch Saturday Night Live on NBC and check out her YouTube channel for the many dimensions of Sasheer. Amazing job on landing SNL, and we wish you a long, prosperous and hilarious career!

Many well-known and famous comedians are of African American descent. Zamata has opened up a new chapter in comedy and in television. Let’s see where this journey will take us as naturals and as black women. Good Luck, Sasheer from HoneyBeNatural magazine! 

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