The Gift of Gab

By Alea Jay, Contributing Writer and Curl News Correspondent

Natural hair has sparked both a movement of self-awareness and the love of self-image. We have seen actress Gabrielle Union grow and flourish from a cheerleader in South Central in the hit movie Bring it On to her leading role in the crowd-loving BET drama Being Mary Jane. Over the course of this time Union admits that her hair has been natural and shows us that her hair is just as long as her successful career and growing by the day! Gabrielle Union tweeted photos of her hair and included some healthy hair advice for actors and actresses on the go and women who choose to protect their hair by wearing weaves.

Gabrielle tweets, “I wear weaves for my job to protect my own hair from heat and product buildup. I don't leave weaves in longer than six weeks, and I use quality hair. I haven't had a relaxer in over ten years! Natural hair is great and weaves can give you plenty of easy options.” In the wake of the natural hair movement, celebrities like Union and Nicki Minaj have come out to join us in our mission to promote natural, healthy hair. Natural hair shouldn’t be a shackle. You can maintain versatility and healthy tresses without being bound to the twist-out. Many naturals protect their hair in different ways. As we all know, everyone’s hair is different and it takes a specific love for your own tresses to promote growth. Many celebrities are opting for weaves to cut down on damage and manipulation and they’ve got the right idea. Union adds, "Healthy hair should be the focus. I swear by It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner (can be found on and for a low as $13.00) I love how it feels on my natural hair and my weaves!"

Image Source: Instagram

Image Source: Instagram


Union is one of many women on the go who rely on inexpensive, quality products and a low manipulation style to keep their tresses growing long and strong. Protecting your hair is the best technique to loving it and nurturing it. It’s okay to give your coils a break and rock a weave. Being natural is all about loving all of you the way you are, regardless of the circumstances or length of your hair. Healthy hair is good hair. Always!  Natural is here to stay! Let’s see how many more celebrities will unveil their glory and represent for the natural community! 

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