The Photog Who Could

By Alea Jay, Contributing Writer and Curl News Correspondent

Because of Them, We Can! What better way to pay homage to our history’s pioneers than to be so inspired to highlight the trailblazers of today? Eunique Jones Gibson is the Dreamer in Chief of “Because of Them, We Can.” Her photography and digital marketing passions are the basis of this campaign. Their goal: to contemporize our history and inspire young people to be great by highlighting individuals, past and present, whose accomplishments have and continue to pave the way (via Her campaign project features 28 photos with more than 40 children representing some of the most iconic and famous black figures of our time and those of the past we pay so much homage to throughout the course of our lives. Gibson was recently featured on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show, where she was featured as a Foot Soldier! Last February, Gibson launched the campaign as a social media project using kids to highlight our country’s pioneers during Black History Month. Eunique’s research, along with the influence of social media, triggered the names that would grace the photographs currently changing the education of our children and recognizing the game changers of our generation. Gibson says, “I want this campaign to branch out and include things like women’s history regardless of the hue of the individual…I would love to keep it going.  There are hundreds of influencers that need to be introduced to young people.  I would like to continue to capture their voice and image.”

Gibson has taken on the role of ultimate educator by helping our children to see themselves in the shadows of great historical figures. Her mission is inspiring children to fill the shoes of the men and women that came before them. Gibson says, “I hope the campaign becomes a part of our everyday lives and I want to expand all over the world.  I want it to connect the dots between the past and the present and create a sense of accountability for those who are living.  I hope people will honor what’s been done and think about it during our own pursuits of greatness.” Gibson compares Melissa Harris-Perry to a modern day Ida B. Wells and even features her on one of the Because We Can photographs! In addition to Perry, the campaign highlights Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Spike Lee and more.

Paying respects to Trayvon Martin and also having two sons herself, Gibson shares her passion for social justice and change with the words in her “I Am Trayvon Martin” campaign. Its vision is to provide individuals with a positive outlet to express their outrage over Trayvon Martin's murder while helping others realize that wearing a hoodie doesn't make you suspicious (via The “Because We Can” campaign features celebrities, inventors, businessmen and women of all backgrounds. Her aim is to celebrate the magnitude of modern day accomplishments before these individuals’ history. Congratulations to Eunique Jones Gibson from HoneyBeNatural Magazine for her Foot Soldier recognition from MSNBC and Mrs. Harris-Perry. We love the campaign, and an individual so forward thinking and invaluable as Eunique is sure to be remembered for generations to come. Who will be the bright-eyed child full of hope and possibilities that will pose for the photograph that reads, “Eunique Jones Gibson –Artist, Activist, and Cultural Architect”?

“I'm passionate about empowering and building the esteem of others and for me, photography is a great medium to do so” -Eunique Jones Gibson

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