Miss Jessie's Transitioner's Magic

By: Alea J., Contributing Writer/Curl News Correspondent

Leave it to Miss Jessie’s one of the leading providers of natural hair care products to grant every newly naturals wishes!  Veteran naturals everywhere that transitioned are wondering “where in the world was the “magic” when I was struggling?” Trying to make a simple puff, with the frizzy fronts and the fragile permed ends! Miss Jessie’s is single handedly showing just how far natural innovation has come and where it’s going!

 Cross over to the kinky side ladies! Miss Jessie’s has taken the stress away from your tresses with a brand new product they’ve so impeccably named Transitioner's Magic! Big Chop is a term of endearment for most women. “I have to cut my hair?” …”all of it?” It’s something about the scissors that’ll make you pump your brakes.

Managing two textures simultaneously while keeping up with the health and styling of your hair can be an absolute chore. Not only will Transitioner’s Magic ease the transitioning process, it’s phthalate-free and will moisturize your new growth. The “magic” also acts as an elixir to coat and protect the relaxed hair to fight frizzing when styling. And if that wasn’t enough it fights curl shrinkage! Magic indeed!

Transitioner’s Magic is a dual styler and  leave-in conditioner. The transition process calls for healthy ingredients, lots of moisture and a soft hold and Miss Jessie’s provides just that! No more excuses ladies. No big chop necessary. Miss Jessie’s has given us the “magic” not let’s rock our healthiest curls, and put on a show!


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