Charge Your Curls with Mizani

By: Alea J., Contributing Writer and Curl News Correspondent

So you’ve flat twisted all night long. Your arms are tired, your neck hurts and you’re shea butter-ed DOWN! You’ve taken all the careful steps, your favorite youtubers, favorite youtuber told you to do it, so you know this one is going to be a BANGER when you untwist! Day 1 is a hit! Just one of those days when everything goes right! Then Day 2 is more like a night you were too tired to braid your girl back down! A mess! Well Mizani knows our struggles ladies and they’ve officially saved the day! Day 2, 3 and 4 that is! Rebirth your curls perfectly with True Textures: Curl Recharge! Mizani uses a special technology called “Curl Care Complex”. Mizani is a trusted brand in the hair care industry. Their experience and innovative technologies infused with Jojoba & Apricot Oils, Vitamin E & Ceramides bring you a great new product to bring those curls back to life days later! Ladies, this is just what we’re looking for!

Mizani says, “Designed for loose curls and waves, this lightweight crème-gel re-energizes natural spirals without build-up. Frizz-taming formula boosts natural “lift” to give lasting curl support, memory and control with a satiny finish.” This is the perfect product for combatting those less than lively curls! The Curl Recharger also pairs as a moisturizer and cuticle sealer. The True Textures collection was specifically formulated for the natural lady in charge! Whether it’s a loose wave or a tight curl that you’re sporting, Mizani has simplified the process of bouncing your curls back in a whole new way. Also in the True Textures collection is a color safe sulfate free shampoo, intense moisture mask, a cleansing conditioning wash and a leave in conditioner. You can read about the entire line in depth at! Experience is the best teacher and Mizani has taken that saying to a whole new level! Naturalistas are in good hands with Mizani! Use the “Find a Salon” tool on to search for a professional stylist using Mizani products! If you’re more of a DIY girl, Mizani also features hairstyling videos and daily tips for maintaining and showing off a gorgeous, healthy head of hair!

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