Black Girls Can Jump

By: Alea J., Contributing Writer and Curl News Correspondent

How many of you would have stayed on the double-dutch team if you could have met Bernadette Robinson, back in the day? The 34 years young, trainer, former amateur boxer and a current competitive jump roping phenomenon promotes healthy activity and exercise through a collaboration of fun dance and step activities! And she’s darn good, too! Robinson uses her talents in jump roping to share a passion for fitness. Her goals are to make the world a fitter, healthier place! Intense rigorous exercise is Bernadette’s forte. What sets her apart from most fitness gurus is her ability to incorporate fun activities to liven up any regimen! Unstoppable with a jump rope Bernadette’s videos look like so much fun, just watching! But we were not the only source that had their eyes on the lovely Bernadette. I have to admit, I’ve tried that treadmill dance and step routine, and it ain’t as easy as Ms. Robinson makes it look! Dr. Oz of ABC’s The Doctor Oz Show had big plans for Bernadette and invited her to be on The Doctor Oz Show! Her episode premiers, Monday March 17th at 4pm! Many doors and opportunities are flying Bernadette’s way! HoneyBeNatural Magazine celebrates with Bernadette. Healthy living should be adapted by everyone to increase the chances of a long and healthy life.  

While accomplishing so many things in the name of a healthy future-Bernadette still has time to be so much more! A business woman, fabulous fashionista, mother and trainer! Did I mention, HoneyBeNatural? Bernadette is an entrepreneur on the rise and she’s taking her jump rope along for the ride! Be sure to visit Bernadette Robinson’s website at! Her videos are a must see! Follow her Instagram page for track her journey to the top! @BERNAPRIL20

We’re waiting for our class Bernadette! Good Luck in all your endeavors from HoneyBeNatural

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