Shampoo and Sharks

By: Alea J., Contributing Writer and Curl News Correspondent

ShampooMate? I’ll take two! There is a new product on the market. All they naturals say, “Hey”! You know how we love our products! Now before you get too excited this isn’t a shampoo, but a shampooing tool for mothers that have less than an easy experience washing their children’s hair! Now, all the mothers say, “Where can I get it?” You can start by finding it on ABC’s Shark Tank! The show  features business owners aspiring to make their dreams come true by building a business relationship with the panelist of the show, who happen to be millionaires! We clearly understand the importance of a product such as this, but will the judges see it our way? ShampooMATE inventor, Tracy Parker and her husband Xavius Parker say” this product will revolutionize the way you wash your children’s hair” ! reveals that “Kids will love getting their hair washed, it makes a great gift and there will be no more fuss during wash days! ShampooMates mission is to aid with the discomfort faced when shampooing children's hair at home. Creative, efficient and a means to an end are a few words that come to mind about the Shampoomate. This is a huge creation that all naturals, mothers and parents in general can benefit from. If the product itself wasn’t extraordinary enough, the Wall Street Journal covered Tracy’s story and reported that the Parkers have sold 1,180 ShampooMate sets online for 29.99 each! Not only is this a revolutionary product but it’s also super affordable.

The ShampooMate is made with a waterproof pillow and mat set designed to help parents wash their children’s hair . The pillow supports the child’s head so the parents are able to maneuver and use both hands evenly during the washing process! The creation on this product is an amazing contribution to the natural hair community so we have to support and take advantage! We will follow up with the Parkers to see the results of Shark Tank. A thank you goes out to the Parkers for this contribution and we wish you all of the luck in your entrepreneurial futures. Team work, makes the dream work. This inventor couple have definitely began to fulfill their dreams!


I'sha GainesComment