Carols Daughter's Debut

By: Alea J., Contributing Writer and Curl News Correspondent

CEO, Lisa Price is super excited about the changes taking place for the curl care company, Carols Daughter. Lisa has recently announced that their Hair Milk, Black Vanilla and Monoi products that you know and love are now available in target stores around the country! Price explains the launch is a pretty simple way, “Perfection”! The CEO says, “I have been using this very product in my hair for over 20 years. The label may have changed but the contents and ingredients have not. It’s the same product that you love and the merging of the line and the Target Corporation is PERFECT!”

Among the products that will be available at Target stores are Marguerites Magic-a restorative cream for dry, brittle, textured hair. Their Black Vanilla that contains no sulfates, no parabeans, no petroleum, no mineral oil, and no artificial colors, all of which should be on our lists for ingredients to avoid! In addition to these special factors that make Carols Daughter as great as it is, the Black Vanilla instantly improves dry hair by 80%. This product should be in every natural’s regime. There is nothing like a product that combats the woes of moisture. Their most popular product, the Hair Milk collection will also accompany the other products now being offered in Target stores. Price says, “They’ve perfected, perfect!

We can all attest that running out of our favorite products can make hair plans a blunder. For the lovers of Carol’s Daughter and the naturalistas that tend to run low on their staple products, Carols Daughter is here to save the day throughout the country in the form of quality hair care and the love of the curl. Check out Carolsdaughter,com to compare the products and check out new lines that you’re sure to fall in love with. Head to a target near you to check out the full Carols Daughter availability! Congratulations to Carols Daughter in their new venture and we are anxiously awaiting all of the delicious products that are in store for the future.

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