Bonnets and Beauty

By: Alea J., Contributing Writer and Curl News Correspondent

An American actress, Lilakoi Moon-whom we all know as Lisa Bonet is easily one of the most elegant and timeless beauties of television history. Her role as Denise Huxtable on the Cosby Show and a Different World were two of her most recognized works. Aside from her countless movie roles and mesmerizing beauty, Bonet graced the screen with a head full of tantalizing locs that accompanied a saucy, sensual attitude and timeless style. A true natural she remains at age 46 with her vigorous dreadlocks and along the way she picked up Lenny Kravitz-legendary musician, sex symbol and  a man living life in celebration of his too, natural hair. For Lisa it’s seemingly a trend to be with men rich in culture and strong in natural awareness. Her current husband Jason Momoa is a model and film actor. You may have seen on BET’s the game. Jason has been known to “lock up” as well but their connection doesn’t stop at hair, marriage and children. The couple also star together in the new television series ‘The Red Road’!

On the Sundance Channel series, Lisa plays a character named Sky Van Der Veen. The character is a lawyer rooted in justice who returns to her native town to defend her tribe. In the series Bonet and her husband are lovers and she explained the chemistry on set as odd. She attributes the strange connection to the immaturity of the show and not having a clear sense of direction for the new venture. Off camera Bonet testifies that she and Jason have a ‘goofy’ relationship! These two are a hot couple and I’m+ sure the chemistry is nothing less than on FIRE! The beautiful Bonet has never disappointed in the talent area and she dominates the screen with sheer captivation.

Discovering an actor is one of the things that brings fans closer to the celebrities they follow and love. In a day and age when beauty comes in so many forms and to hear actresses address the true meaning and the self-confidence they have really drives self-happiness to a sisterhood. Bonet refers to herself as a “princess and a peasant” She connects her own beauty and ‘princess characteristics’ to her strong bond to nature. The ‘peasant’ in her derives from her down to earth personality, attention to hard work and connection to her people. She doesn’t see herself as better, but equal.

Best of luck to Ms. Bonet in her new series, which you can tune into on the Sundance Channel! We hope to see even more of you on the screen Lisa and congratulations! Connecting to nature has served as a  way to stay grounded. Natural hair is more than a style, it’s a way of life.

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