Healthy Hair EVERYWHERE: Have you heard?

Alikay Naturals is growing bigger and better! The Florida based company has risen to the top by having their brand, filled with more than great products, command the shelves of Target stores across the country! Today they have even better news! Coming January 2015 Alikay Naturals will be on the shelf of over 500 Sally's Beauty Supply stores all over the USA. A HUGE Congrats to the beautiful and business savvy Rochelle Campbell and the Alikay Naturals brand. Since 2009 Alikay has been producing all natural and organic products and they're now too close to resist. You can learn more about Rochelle and the Alikay Naturals company at and don't forget to follow @alikaynaturals!

Jaime "Alea Jay" Jacobs Founding Editor of FLAWLESSNBROWN.COM