A Pledge from Sunne, A gift for YOU

The process of teaching our young daughters the ideas of respect and self-love are continuous battles. Understanding how you should feel about yourself as a young lady, affects the way you conduct your life as a young woman. Creating a positive outlook for our girls is a long journey but authors such as Ama Yawson are battling these trials head on with their works of literature that are building character, self-esteem, teaching life lessons and also building reading habits in young children. Ama Yawson- author of Sunne's Gift and the Founder of Milestales is a Howard University scholar in which she earned cum laude in Social Studies. Yawson is also the recipient of an MBA from the Wharton School and a JD from the University Of Pennsylvania Law School.

Ama teaches the importance of diversity and the celebration of Afro-textured hair. Her lessons within “Sunne’s Gift” teach the importance of pride and blessings and that life thrives off of the differences between people in the world. Milestales.com says, “In 2013 a painful experience in which a barber called her son a real "nig*" and said that his hair was not pretty and should be shaved off inspired Ama to venture into writing children's books. Her first picture book, Sunne's Gift is about a magical being (magbee) with spirally hair that grows toward the sun named Sunne.

Inspire the young people in your world by getting your copy of Sunne's Gift at Milestales.com. You may purchase one copy or even 40 copies for a wonderful price. Sunne also has a pledge! This pledge will teach women and hildren about their intellectual powers and all the beauty in which they are. Introduce your little natural to all of the possibilities that life has to offer this season by acquiring your copy of Sunne’s Gift. Alea Jay FlawLessNBrown.com