#Popsnark & Bottles


There’s a new Friday Series at Jouelzy.com. If you follow Jouelzy, you already know that you want to see what #PopSnark is all about! This

smartbrowngirl newly published author of Send It On and YouTube genius

covers a range of topics in the new series. Jouelzy says, “Highbrow or low brow any topic is open to discuss as long as ones actual brows are on fleek

If you all were passionate about an archived Jouelzy blog you’re in luck because she will also be covering topic she’s written about such as the recent comments by Raven Symone. Jouelzy pops and bottle and speaks like only Jouelzy can about her muses, current topics in culture, television and much more. With over 5 million views, you don’t want to miss out on what goes down on this channel. You can watch a video of #Popsnark now on Jouelzy.com. Remember to subscribe for automatic updates on what’s going on around your world.

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