Cottrell: An entrepreneurial genius

*The man who popularized one of the most memorable styles of the 1980 has passed away. Comer Cottrell, creator of Curly Kit, died on Oct. 3 2014. The innovative legend was 82.Cottrell created the Curly Kit, a chemical treatment that created a looser curl pattern in direct resemblance to the Jheri Curl. Cottrell developed Curly Kit, which was sold over-the-counter for about $8 to allow for women and men who could not afford the regularly priced $200 style, to wear the same style for less!. Not only was Cottrell's idea popular among common people but his invention was a leading cause of the popularity of the Jheri Curl in television, film and across genders. His revolutionary idea also caused salon owners to lower their prices to stay in competition with the budding brand. Although the Jheri Curl is not as popular as it was before it’s product contents as still used today. Such contents such as the curl activator is used to allow for 4c hair to reveal a pattern, that most women feel the don’t have. Learn more about Curly Kit and Cottrell’s many accomplishments; books, major league team ownerships and history online. His novel to entreprenuers is available at *