Omani Harris; Multilingual Musical Songbird/Actress/Model

Collaboration with KODI Designs William 'Cody' Dagen IV, HBN Contributor from Chicago (Photographer) and Multi-Talented Omani

Living a busy and fast paced life, working as an actor,classically trained vocalists,model and full time student majoring in lingusitics, I have never had a problem making time to change up my hair style. I have always had a love for natural hair,especially growing up with my mother who has always had beautiful long thick natural hair that touched her back. After a couple years of using "the creamy crack", I decided to uncover the real me. After doing "the big chop" and letting my hair grow for a year, curls unleashed! To my suprise my natural hair is curly and very managable. I love my natural hair because its flexible. I can wear a fro - hawk one day and wear it curly the next. I have a very simple routine; wake and go. My haircut every two weeks to maintain my mohawk and a once a week deep conditioner makes life easier during the week. If Grace Jones were here,she would give me cudos.


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Omani Ade Harris


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