Nathan Miller; Beyond the Surface

Collaboration with William 'Cody' Dagen IV, HBN Contributor from Chicago (Photographer) and Nathan Miller, (Artist)

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been called Basquiat, the New York bred neo-expressionist from the 70’s/80’s art scene. Though I admire him as an artist, I was not aware of who he was until I had this hair, walked into a gallery opening, and someone called me his name.  However, my natural hairstyle wasn’t inspired by him, actually it wasn’t inspired by anything, it just happened. I spent a year in London in 2011 and I was really looking to do and try some new things and “define” myself (if that makes sense) while I was there, so I decided to grow out my hair. I didn’t want to do something like an Afro or braids/locks, so I just let my hair do it’s own thing. When I would get out the shower, I towel dried my hair in a circular motion, being as my hair is naturally curly, I thought I was enhancing it somehow. Eventually, my hair took up this free form LOC style and I’ve been growing it out ever since. However, I did cut off one inch (which I regretted) in May of 2013. I’m letting that inch grow back. 

My name is Nathan Miller, I am a 22-year-old visual artist, musician and writer studying and living in Chicago. Though my creative impulses are rooted in my training as a photographer (I’m studying Photography at the University of Illinois at Chicago) I don’t always make what would be considered “traditional” photographs, rather, much of the images I construct are abstracted through a process. I believe there are facets of photography that go beyond its surface; be it physically, philosophically, socially, artistically, metaphorically, theoretically, scientifically, spiritually, or anecdotally. My practice is concerned with finding out what is photography, in itself, and revealing it. My work, just like one’s hair, is an extension of me, looking at and internalizing it will reveal a lot about the way I see the world, and me.  

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