Darius Peace

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1.    What sparked your love affair, with natural hair?

My love affair with natural hair began with me falling in love with my own hair. While in college, I decided to grow out my hair. Because I could not afford to get my hair done professionally, I would create different style options on my unprocessed afro hair. My beautiful variations of twist and coil styles were attractive to other college students on my campus. As people inquired about who did my hair, they were amazed at the response that I did it myself. I was booking appointments left and right from fellow students and classmates. Seeing that I was making more money than what my work-study job was paying, I decided to enroll in the nearest beauty college; while still completing my Spanish degree at the University.

Upon finishing and obtaining my licenses to professional style hair, I chose natural hair as my niche because I saw that clients with virgin tresses were experiencing faster and healthier hair growth than those with relaxers. I made the decision to transition all of my clients to wearing natural hairstyles and the rest is history. Helping to facilitate smooth and easy natural hair experiences with my clients over the years has greatly enhanced my personal experience with natural hair.

2.    Tell us about your favorite products! Any brands specifically and what makes them your picks?

I don’t have any favorite product brands that I would like to publically endorse. However I do have favorite types of products that I love using. I love setting foam. I will not go into the salon without setting foam.

3.    Care to share your regimen with us?

I would love to share my regimens. They are all accessible on my new book My Hair Ain’t Nappy: Secrets to Mastering your Natural Hair.

4.    So Darrius, what are a few of your preferred products and tools when styling hair?

I love working with setting foams and paddle brushes. These products and tools help me to give beautiful long lasting styles with ease on afro hair textures.

5.    You’ve been in this business for over 14 years and your resume speaks for itself! Give us one secret to mastering our natural hair?

One Secret to Mastering Your Natural Hair is knowing that creamy products will not give long lasting natural hair styles. Only products that set the hair will offer longevity as well as good condition to the tresses.

6.    Your 2nd book titled, My Hair Ain’t Nappy: Secrets to Mastering Your Natural Hair; Create Beautiful Long-Lasting Natural Hairstyles All By Yourself is available for purchase on iBooks, Nook, Kindle, and SONY! Congratulations! What inspired you to become an author and how many more books can we look forward to in the future?

Thank You! Yes, there are definitely more books in my future. I have a mission to help women have easier and more beautiful experiences with their afro textured strands.

7.    With so much negativity that comes with the liberation of our natural tresses, it’s great to have books like “My hair ain’t nappy” to serve as a guide and inspiration for natural men and women. Tell us about your natural hair journey and some of your biggest challenges as a male stylist of your caliber?

Fortunately, I have had a very successful experience as a male stylist with natural hair. Nevertheless, my personal journey with renewing my perception of myself and eliminating a learned behavior of self hate of my Afro-features has allowed me to accept, embrace and love my own beauty as well as the plethora of beauty that exists in life as we know it.

8.    What can we do to prepare our hair and our minds to mentally transition to loving and caring for our curls?

Understanding that your specific hair texture was unmistakenly customized to showcase your individual and unique beauty in the earth. Rejecting it robs the world of the true experience of you.

9.    What is next for Mr. Peace and do you currently have any workshop or events coming up?

I do not have any workshops currently scheduled. However I am open for workshop and speaking opportunities. To book me, you can email us as speaker@myhairaintnappy.com.

10.What would you say to stylists just starting out and those looking to break into the business to pattern in your footsteps?

Choose a specific focus with hair and master it. After becoming an expert, you can brand yourself and compile all of your unique experience and share it with the world.

11.Darrius, that flexi rod set is everything! What day is my appointment? I’m ready to be transformed by the Darrius Peace experience?

You are more than welcome to sit in my chair anytime. I would love to transform your tresses! You will have to warn people that you will be bring them another level of fabulousness and that they should get ready!

12.What do you want all naturalistas to know?

That they are all pioneers in the natural hair movement and that future generations will no longer deal with hair rejection as a result of their experiences with their natural hair.

13.Where can the Honey Be Natural family find you?






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