Davika Hill

Name: Davika Hill

Location: Bermuda

Age: 25


Career or Career Goals: I'm currently a teacher at a nursery and a volunteer coordinator at a local charity. I'm also pursuing a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education after which I would like to obtain a Masters in Art Eduction or Art Therapy. Aside from all of that I have a lot of dreams and ambitions and I am ultimately working towards being an entrepreneur. At this point in my life I'm working on so many different goals but all of them stem from my artistic side so I like to describe myself as a creative professional.

Hobbies: reading, writing poetry, creating art work, blogging, 

3 Interesting facts about you:

If your natural hair had a personality what would it be like? If my natural hair had a personality it would be wild, playful, and free but strong and thoughtful because it won't be tied down to anyones notions of what my hair would look like. It would just be itself in it's purest form.

Fave natural hair products you use? My favorite conditioner is Knot Today by Kinky-Curly, my favorite styling products are ORS Edge Control, Shea Moisture Cocout & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk, and Dr. Miracles Curl Care Weightless Moisturizing Creme. My all time favorite product is Coconut Oil. It's the perfect product for my hair. It's a major part of my routine and it keeps my hair nice and healthy.

Fave Brand you like or would like to wear? Right now I'm really into Alberta Ferretti. I can't really afford anything designer but I'm a big fan of their spring collection. It's so feminine with the floral designs and light, bright colors but then there's also a bit of structure to the pieces that alludes to a strength and surety. 

Your Hair Regimen.. My hair regimen is very minimal. I've been doing a lot of protective styling this year so right now my routine is to give my hair a break for about a week to a week and a half between hair dos and make sure I give it  good deep treatment. My regular regimen consists of lot of co-washing with an actual wash day every 3-4 weeks. I use lots of coconut oil for hot oil treatments, doing the LOC method, and just general styling. I don't like to use a lot of products and I like keeping my routine simple and easy. Now that I'm at a stage where I know what products work it makes things a whole lot easier.

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