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natural annie essentials

"The magical blend of essential oils in our Island Vibes Body Wash will transport you to the exotic places from your dreams. True story. The potent, exhilarating aroma helps rejuvenate your mind and body so you're totally ready to face life's dramas."

We are in 100% agreement with the Natural Annie Body Wash and Soy Candles. We love the scent and the effectiveness of this all-natural wash. We love a good lather. This product glides and cleanses. The candles have a delicate scent that isn't over-powering. We're excited that our bath game is up 10 points by adding these products to our roster.  Natural Annie is offering a deal-a-day, click the lather up link to try the wash today!

$19.00 to $23.00



Can you say addiction? We've tried 4 of the herb'neden soap bars and are in love with them. The packaging is appealing and the scent combinations are wonderful. We were in recent transition and needed something for our sensitive skin that would get the job done. I mean clean is the goal, right? But with these soaps you can cleanse, exfoliate, vibe out and just enjoy a awesomely scented bath experience. We're currently subscribed to receive the 'Coconut & Kaolin Clay' bar each month. This bar is for sensitive skin and will cleanse you to the GAWDS. On the way is the herb'neden liquid soap and the vanilla coffee soap bar. We're getting the cold scented started right! Join us and try the FREE sample pack if you aren't sure of what kind to try. 

$6.00 to $12.00



Welcome to the new normal. It’s time to say goodbye to toxic, chemical-laden, fragrance-filled feminine washes and wipes. Experience a revolutionary new way to do feminine hygiene. 

We've using the daily herbal pads for weeks now and love them. You'll get a light sensation at first use, but it's not intrusive. Fresh all day is the goal, fresh all day happens! Click below to shop The HoneyPot Co.!

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All Black Family Pack of 4 distinctive Patterned Bristles: Horizontal Stripes, Vertical Stripe, Checkered & Solid White. Coral Oral Toothbrushes can be purchased in medium and soft bristles.


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We are a 100% Natural (90% Plant-based) +Hand-Made Company: Our Products Are Freshly Handmade & Made-To-Order by Our Butter Bar Team Members

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Radiance enhancing blend of soothing aloe, balancing neroli, and rejuvenating rose water meticulously blended with organic essential oils to soften and even skin tone.