Holland's Next Natural Honeybee, Gabrielle!

By: Sheila Zandwijken, The HBN Contributor from Holland

Holland - 19-year old Gabrielle was born in Surinam, South America and has lived in Holland for more than a year and one half now. She is multii-racial and is a police officer in training in Almere, Holland.

Let's talk hair:
    Gaby says: "I always had a lot of curls, but I used to perm my hair all the time. I was also using a lot of regular gels in my hair. The regular gel wasn't working for me so I started making my own flaxseed gel that I saw in a black hair magazine. Because I had permed my hair so much, my hair started to break and fall out in the front. I tried covering it up and repairing it, but nothing helped. That's when I decided to do the big chop! I big chopped in Decemeber of 2012, but I just didn't cut it off at a hairdresser. I sold my hair to a man who makes wigs.
    Now that my hair is growing back and looking healthier, I promised myself to stay natural. My message to other girls would be; Don't be afraid to go natural [and I would suggest] that they earn some cash with their big chop like I did.



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