Holland's Next Natural Honeybee, Sefanja

By: Shelia Zandwijken, Holland

    Sefanja is 24 years old. She has studied to be an entrepreneur and is currently taking classes to be a hairdresser. Sefanja is bi-racial (Surinam and Dutch) and is very proud of her natural hair. She has been natural since 2011. Before that she had relaxed hair since the age of 12. Sefanja said her hair was breaking and getting thinner and thinner so she took out her weave and asked a friend to cut it all off
    “I still miss having long hair, but my hair is growing fast,” Sefanja said. “I love  experimenting with it. I want to tell the whole world that we should be proud of the natural hair that God has given us, love your self the way you are and treat your hair well because your hair is your crown!”
    Sefanja also makes her own hair masks out of olive oil or argan oil. She drinks a lot of water, vegetable juice, fruit juice, and eats a lot of fish. She believes in taking care of herself from the inside, which allows her to shine from the outside.


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