AffirmOnTheGo: Growth (Spiritual + Ratchet)
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AffirmOnTheGo: Growth (Spiritual + Ratchet)


Join us for AffirmOnTheGo

Mini Affirmation Summit Sessions for folks on the Go.

Join us on October 27th from 9:00am to 11:30am for our [Growth : Ratchet + Worthy] workshop.

Workshop themes will cover making the unsweet parts of you work in your favor, deciphering GROWTH areas & having a trading ashes for beauty mindset.

Tickets include three workshops:

Potting Ratchet + Worthy Succulents w/ Shunquetta Goins @PurdieGurl
Therapeutic Sister Circle w/ Ebony Jones @EJluvJones who will affirm + speak into your life.
Therapeutic Dance w/ Shannon Louis @EssenceOfMotion who will help you heal + grow through movement.

All ticket holders will receive the Ratchet + Worthy Affirmation Workbook by @HoneyBeNaturalMag, a succulent and tools to own your Ratchet and accept your worthiness. Only open to 20 guests. 

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