We Currently have 17 Venue Spaces

13 Indoors - Main Area 

4 Outside - The Yoga Den Area (Tent Required)

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FIRST WINDOW: Dec. 1st - Jan. 7th  (early bird)

SECOND WINDOW: Feb. 1st - Feb. 7th (regular)

THIRD WINDOW: Mar. 1st - Mar. 7th (regular)

FOURTH WINDOW: Apr. 1st - Apr. 7th (late bird)

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Vendors will receive one 6ft table and two chairs. Vendors can have one guest to assist. please email for special ACCOMMODATIONS.


Vendors will be hand-picked based on affirmation idea and implementation.
You will be notified by email @ this time your tag will be delivered after payment.


The activation will relate to one of seven themes:



Moving Forward


Treat Yourself Well

The Power In You

Activation Example:

For example, if a company sells head-wraps, their activation may be called “Find the queen in you” where they show guests visiting their table how to tie head-wraps in a mirror where their empowered through “seeing the queen” within themselves selves by looking into the mirror.

 $200 Early Bird

 $275 - Regular Price

 $350 Late Birds

Note: Vendors must pay for area in full. Should the event be cancelled or scheduled.
Vendors will have the opportunity to receive refund or secure spacing at the new date.
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JULY 15th - AUGUST 15th  

Considerations for cancellations and/or rescheduling if applicable. 

Vendors & Sponsors will be notified for refunds and/arrangements.

Event is Rain or Shine