AffirmontheGo, The Write Way

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We understand that life gets tough. We also understand sometimes a positive network is hard to come by. We want to be the bridge, between you and your greatest self. With the Affirmation Segway we want to affirm you on the go, planned or as a surprise. Our writing team is prepared to write a custom affirmation for you based on your ONE PROBLEM, ONE FEAR or GREATEST desire. With your custom affirmation you can pin it, read it, record it and/or hang it.

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Verbalize Fustration

Use our form to tell use your ONE PROBLEM, ONE FEAR or GREATEST desire. Do you have something coming up, something you’re working through? Just need a little extra? Let us know…..

We are not licensed therapists and are not diagnosing your issue or giving you advice. We are simply sending you an affirmation. Please note if you are suicidal, suffering from depression or mental illness please find a license therapist here: Black Girls Do Therapy or click the link to contact the suicide hotline.

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Custom Affirmation

Once your ONE PROBLEM is received someone from our writing team will write your affirmation specifically for you. You will receive your affirmation by email and by mail. Ready to be affirmed?

Our Writing team is comprised of writers, life coaches, and creatives. Your affirmation will be personally typed to be mailed and emailed for safe keeping. We believe in the vintage we will use type writers and scroll paper when we send your affirmation.

We will protect your privacy.

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Feel Relieved

Our end goal to affirm that you can make peace with yourself and your passion. It starts with beautiful thoughts and believing that you can. Affirmations are a brilliant way to begin…

We encourage you to post your affirmation and tag us (@honeybenaturalmag). We want to see your photos, tags, videos and growth. We want you to feel relieved and encouraged. We want you to live the life you were created to live — HoneyBeNatural.