"We Love You From the Bottom of Our Coils"

Since 2012, HoneyBeNatural Magazine's mission is bring together women of color on their respective journeys towards embracing their natural beauty.  

HoneyBeNatural embraces how you were born to be. Our magazine styled affirmation workbooks are for personal growth and reflection. 

With themes centered around self-love and affirmations, our unique merger of expert advice and creative, progressive content and graphics enables those to truly love the skin, and hair, that they are in.  HBN aims to use media as a positive tool for growth for all readers as well as the communities around them.

HoneyBeNatural chooses to celebrate and empower the natural woman in owning her identity and uplift our thriving, global community.

Our efforts help to produce events, share knowledge, support businesses and support our everyday readers who are professionals and those who just enjoy knowing all there is to know about being just who they are naturally. Our ideas and fundamental passions are at the precipice of greatness!

HoneyBeNatural is more than a magazine, Instagram, Facebook page or networking entity. It is a lifestyle that strives to uplift spirits, empower those who feel powerless, motivate those who may feel discouraged, and to help all women not just naturals, become naturally comfortable and confident in their own skin. We strive to ignite a fire in the souls of all women, exfoliate the fear of being the authentic you, demolish the definition of what society defines as beauty, and embrace all uniqueness of our very own individuality.Be Empowered. Be Inspired. Honey, Be Natural



Be Empowered. Be Inspired. Honey, Be Natural